Microsoft C# .NET Application Architect - Minneapolis, MN

Job Number: US-MN-030-5862
Posted: May 30, 2017

Business Need 

The system includes over 70 modules. The system fulfills critical department operations needs through the daily system use by all business units for each unit’s unique and complex business processes. 

The system has undergone several version upgrades over its 15-year life. Most recent upgrades address technology obsolescence.   

We are seeking a software or solution architect, skilled with Microsoft technologies (e.g. IIS,.NET Framework, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server), to support the investigation and technical architecture definition for the system’s modernization effort to better align with current business, security, accessibility development, and legal requirements. 

The architect will: 

  • Participate in high-level requirements gathering sessions to listen to the customer, learn, document, and provide feedback. 
  • Research, review, and propose software solutions for strategic technical challenges of the program.  This may involve/require generating prototype software for proof of concept. 
  • Create appropriate software architecture and design documentation to provide definition and direction to others on the team. 
  • Collaborate with Project Manager and other team leadership within this sub-group to discuss and negotiate schedule, scope, direction, and other details as necessary to allow team to deliver on project objectives. 
  • Work independently with minimal guidance while also participating on project teams. 
  • Prepare and participate in continuous process improvement efforts. 
  • Provide clear, concise and honest communication. 

Project Environment  

Microsoft technologies will be used such as C#.NET, MVC, Entity Framework, SQL Server (SSIS, T-SQL, SSRS), Team Foundation Server (TFS).  

Mandatory Qualifications  

  1.  2 engagements exceeding 3 months with the role of Architect 
  2.  5 years of SQL Server (T-SQL, SSRS) 
  3.  5 years ASP.NET in C# or VB.NET website or web application experience 
  4.  1 year ASP.NET MVC experience 

Desired Skills  

  1. Criminal Justice experience. 
  2. Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) experience. 
  3. Collaborative software development team experience with at least 4-5 team members. 
  4. Experience in system modernization efforts for applications with a technology obsolescence. 
  5. Experience with broad array of technologies and other technical standards – such as CSS, Ajax, jQuery, LINQ, Silverlight, WPF, WCF, Sharepoint, Web Services, authentication and authorization technologies like Active Directory, Team Foundation Server, MVVM, SOAP, REST, HTML5, and Accessibility standards. 
  6. Experience and continuous education in secure software development such as:  
    1. Regular use of security static code analysis tools such as Veracode, HP Fortify, etc. 
    2. Participating in security trainings offered by various entities (e.g. OWASP, etc.) focusing on current secure software development best practices. 
    3. Participating in formal security code reviews. 

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