New Lean and Agile Workshop!

Lean and agile are project management and software development principles and techniques that streamline processes, increase quality, lower costs, and increase productivity. This interactive workshop provides an introduction and overview of the lean and agile concepts and best practices. Learn why you can make decisions just-in-time, in a changing business environment, while delivering quickly and producing high quality software. Find out how organizations, large and small, are successfully adopting lean and agile; and discover how it can benefit your organization.


Executives, program managers, project managers, business analysts, quality assurance specialists, developers, and anyone interested in an introduction to the lean and agile software development principles and best practices.


  • Gain an understanding of the lean and agile principles and best practices.
  • Learn about the benefits of lean and agile.
  • Learn how lean and agile can fit in your organization.


  • What are the lean and agile principles and best practices?
  • Why use lean and agile?
  • Who uses lean and agile?
  • How lean and agile can speed time-to-market, lower cost, and increase quality.
  • Key workflow and processes of lean and agile.
  • Quality assurance in a lean and agile environment.
  • Roles and responsibilities of stakeholders on lean and agile projects.
  • Measures and metrics.
  • Tools and frameworks.
  • Lean and agile in a distributed development environment, including offshore.
  • How to get the best combination of lean and agile practices including Scrum and Extreme Programming.
  • How to incorporate lean and agile with other methodologies and quality practices such as Six Sigma, lean Six Sigma, Project Management Institute (PMI) practices, and the Rational Unified Method (RUP).
  • How to get started and transition toward a lean and agile environment.
  • Case studies of organizations using lean and agile.


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