Advanced Fingerprint Security for eCommerce


This market leading company develops and licenses advanced biometric fingerprint technology to provide secure computer and network access. As pioneers of the only finger identification algorithm that has been certified by ICSA Labs, the security industry's central authority for research, intelligence, and certification testing of products, this company offers high performance one-to-many finger identification solutions that eliminate the need for personal identification numbers, passwords, smart cards or embedded user IDs. This company recognized an opportunity to maintain its leadership in the marketplace by bringing its advanced finger identification algorithm to Web applications.


To help them make this move, this company partnered with Advanced Technologies Integration, Inc. (ATI), which brought a depth of expertise in emerging Internet technologies and Web-based solutions. Working with the company’s engineers, the ATI team architected and developed Web-ID Server, which delivers rapid, highly accurate user identification in an Internet, intranet, or extranet setting. The Web-ID Server’s components perform all of the back-end functions involved in enrolling and identifying users via finger biometrics. Features of the Web-ID Server include:

  • Web interface for system administration.
  • Encryption of data moving on the Internet using a number of secure algorithms, including Triple DES.
  • Web interface for system administration.
  • Rapid user identification/authentication..
  • Advanced Java technologies.
Business Results

By adding the Web-ID Server product to its product line, this company is staying at the forefront of the biometric market by offering its customers the ultimate in security for E-commerce and other Internet-based applications. Online merchants, through true user identification, can achieve the highest level of security without the need to resort to user IDs, passwords, PINs or smart cards.