Product Information in Multiple Languages


This Global 500 company, a diversified manufacturer, sells a staggering array of products for the healthcare, safety, electronics, telecommunications, industrial, consumer and office markets. To initiate its global digitization efforts, the company needed to display its product information in multiple languages on the Internet and also within its own corporate information systems. There was a problem, though: its global product database was limited to English. The company's marketing units worldwide, including Latin America, Canada, Europe and Asia, had identified localization as the highest priority for its global product database. Providing multi-language capabilities would help the company better market its products to prospects and customers whose primary language is not English.


The company outsourced the project to ATI to perform the architecture, design and implementation of the Multi-Language Application (MLA). The objectives of the MLA project were:



  • Create an online software application to allow the names and descriptions of the company's products to be represented in multiple languages.
  • Allow non-English names and descriptions of the company's products to be displayed on the Internet via the company's Web site.
  • Process and synchronize changes and updates with the company's data warehouse.
  • Leverage leading technologies to reduce time to market, maximize return on investment, and build a foundation for the company's technology strategy.

Utilizing proven best practices for lean and agile software development, ATI worked with the company to achieve all the objectives of the MLA project. Built with the latest Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) technologies, the MLA provides rich multi-language capabilities as well as flexible integration with the company's information technology systems.

Business Results

The successful delivery of the Multi-Language Application marked the company's first step in enabling global digitization of its product information. The company is now better able to market its products worldwide, in multiple languages.

To build on this success, the company has engaged ATI on multiple follow-on projects in its global digitization initiatives.