Image Alt TextQuality-DrivenDevelopment


  • QA is embedded in the entire SDLC, not just at the end
  • Innovative Test-Driven QA (TDQA) techniques to ensure quality
  • Test automation
  • Optimizes agile or traditional development/QA teams


The ATI Vanguards is a team of quality-driven development specialists with extensive and proven knowledge of QDD principles and best practices. ATI Vanguard team members have successfully worked with a wide range of organizations, in both the public and private sectors, and from emerging start-ups to established enterprises.


Our QA Fusion Framework will jumpstart your QDD initiatives with a set of best practices, processes, and techniques. The QA Fusion Framework was created through real-world experiences, by thought leaders, and from years of know-how. The framework consists of processes, instruction, mentoring, templates, and other artifacts that can be applied to any of project, at any time.


Our ATI Vanguards offer a wide range of QDD services, including:
  • Test automation
  • QA outsourcing
  • QA re-engineering
  • QA assessment
  • Training and mentoring

Quality-Driven Development (QDD) is a process, a set of best practices, and a framework.  It is the culmination of decades worth of project successes and research in delivering an approach and methodology to establish high-performing teams that deliver exceptional quality. The essential principle to this paradigm is that quality leads - it does not lag. Quality methods should be part of the entire software development life cycle (SDLC).  These practices need to be so engrained that they become habit.

Benefits of QDD

Traditional software development methodologies focus on QA activities toward the end of the SDLC. There are two major problems with this. First, if any delays occur upstream (such as requirements solicitation and coding), it is often the case that the production date will not be pushed. Hence, QA activities are shortened.  Secondly, quality issues introduced earlier in the SDLC are not caught until toward the end. This translates into higher costs to remedy issues, delays with production, and even quality issues slipping into production. Since QDD integrates QA into the entire SDLC, these issues are mitigated. Therefore, with QDD, quality is maximized, costs are lowered, and time-to-market is accelerated.

QDD in Agile Environments

Our strength in agile methodologies reinvigorated by our focus on quality assurance 

Agile software development is becoming mainstream. However, many questions abound regarding how QA is implemented in agile environments. We can help you answer those questions - and more. We help build high performing development teams with integrated QA teams. The ATI QA Vanguards work within the development team - working side by side with developers integrating the QA processing every step of the development process. The ATI Vanguards implement a full software testing lifecycle within the development process. For test execution, we implement a highly configurable and scalable automation framework. 

Seamless Integration

We implement our test automation framework to plug in to your development team's existing process. We consider your technology platforms, patterns, and other development concepts in order to apply QA within your development process. 

Coding Language Agnostic

Our automation framework is based on applying QA concepts into the development process. We evaluate your technology platforms, then apply our framework. We do not push for automation tools and programming languages not within your expertise. Instead, we base it on what you use in your development process.

High Testability

We help you ensure that all artifacts, whether it be software requirements or the code itself, have a high degree of testability. Higher testability means that software components, modules, and artifacts are easier to test. The end result is higher quality!  We help you understand the criteria for high testability, such as the automatability, controllability, and isolateability, and how to maximize the degree of testability for each for of these factors.

We Adjust to your Needs

Our QA Vanguards can work with you in a wide range of capacities, from on-demand QA consultation to providing QA specialists working side-by-side with your team to QA business process outsourcing.

We build High Performing Project Teams - not just QA Teams
The proliferation of Agile methodologies have shifted the QA industry. Having a separate QA team is not the optimal approach. Incorporating the QA team within your development team is!


The ATI QA Fusion Framework was created from decades’ worth of project successes and research in delivering an approach and methodology to establish high-performing teams producing exceptional quality!  We architect a roadmap to transform traditional IT silos (project management, business analysis development, quality assurance) to highly productive, solutions-centric, and quality-focused teams. For agile teams, the Fusion Framework provides the opportunity to reinvigorate and further increase ROI and productivity.

Fusion Framework Blueprint

Opportunity Definition, Solution Building, and Adaptive Implementation  

  • Going beyond the consulting model, our clients are engaged as partners from the beginning in order to understand and define the opportunity or challenges. We collaborate in order to map alternative solutions and arrive at the best one! Highly sensitive to other projects in flight, we build the Fusion RoadMap. As we implement the RoadMap, we actively monitor and adjust to changing business conditions to ensure the path selected is still in-line with originally set objectives.

Instruction, Rediscovery and Mentoring

  • More than providing the traditional x-day trainings or seminars, our partners will benefit from numerous case studies and vast knowledgebase to support the implementation plan. We introduce industry best practices and revisit tried and tested principles to ensure our partners’ success. The Fusion Framework offers the advantage of the apprenticeship learning model because we are on-site to ensure concepts are transferred to day-to-day projects.

Talent Needs Assessment, Search & Selection, On-Boarding & Retention

  • Taking staffing concepts to another level is at the core of the Fusion Framework. We review the talent needs of our partners in order to pinpoint the exact resources needed. In addition, the Fusion Framework provides guidelines and checklists for initial assignment and continued engagement of team members.

Delivery Model Solutions

  • The Fusion Framework engages partners to architect a delivery model that establishes a strong core team. From that core team, interim staff or even outsourced teams may be added in order to respond to urgent current projects or to prepare for projected growth. The Fusion Framework leverages deeply on understanding our partners needs in order to implement a solution to respond to current needs and long-term goals.