Tools for Improving Sales and Customer Relationships


With over 30,000 employee and $24 billion in revenues, this company is one of the world's largest managed healthcare enterprises. Through its family of businesses, the company forms and operates markets for the delivery of healthcare services. Because of rapid growth through acquisitions, the company had a number of disparate information systems that needed to be consolidated and integrated. In addition, the company wanted to use the latest technologies to enhance its customer relationship systems and to give its salespeople the best tools to improve their productivity.

How ATI Helped

The company engaged ATI to design and implement a suite of applications for managing sales activity and customer relationships. The major system components include:

  • A business management tool. This Web-based application uses DB2, Java and WebSphere to store and manipulate account and policy information on customers. It replaces a labor-intensive, time-consuming process that used spreadsheets, and it allows sales managers to calculate internal compensation.
  • A proposal processing tool. With this application, built using several database, middleware and development technologies, salespeople can automate the generation of cover letters, quotations and rate sheets. The application enhances accuracy while sharply reducing the time and effort required to create comprehensive proposals.
  • A sales tool. Using this tool, the company's account executives can search their vast network to locate healthcare providers for their corporate customers and prospects.
Business Results

With these tools, the company is able to save time, be more productive and provide better customer service. The business management tool enables closer collaboration among its sales executives, account managers and brokers. The proposal-processing tool automates large chunks of a crucial sales function. And the sales tool eliminates the three-month lag that had existed between signing a provider and being able to search the database to find that provider.